Much has been made lately of the concept of the detox bath. Some people like to make you think a detox bath will cure what ails you (which we all know isn’t true), and others suggest them as one more cog in your illness management wheel. I’ll explain the concept of the detox bath, why you should consider making them a part of your week, and how to actually go about drawing one.

The concept: Certain compounds naturally pull toxins from the body. In a detox bath, you combine a few and then let them do their job.

Why you should take them: Our world is filled with chemicals and pollutants. Even the healthiest eater is still breathing in the air around them. Detox baths help your body fight back against the things trying to do you harm. Besides, most of us love taking baths. Personally, I’ll take a bath over a shower any day. Showers tire me out and my balance isn’t always great in the tub, but it’s much harder to slip and slide when your body is more or less horizontal.

How you make a detox bath: The “recipes” for detox baths are endless, and you can find several on my Detox Your Body board. The basic detox bath only needs two things, though (besides you and water) – baking soda and either epsom salts or magnesium flakes. To find out where to get these items, check out my Product Reviews page.
Turn on the tap to the hottest temperature you can stand, since the point is to sweat out the bad stuff, much like a sauna. Plug the tub and then grab your baking soda. Generally speaking, you want about one-half cup per bath. I put some into my hand and then dump it directly into the bath toward the end where the tap is.
Now you need your epsom salts or magnesium flakes. Magnesium flakes may cause your skin to tingle, and not everyone likes that sensation, so epsom salts are often used in place of them. Again, dump some into your hand and scatter it in the same place as the baking soda. Swish everything around with your hands to help combine the additions, and you’ve got yourself a basic detox bath.
There are also variations, like adding lavender or peppermint essential oil. Not only will your bath smell lovely, but both help with that whole “sweating” idea. And like I said, countless recipes exist, and I’ve pinned at least a couple dozen to the Pinterest board I mentioned above.

What do you like to add to your detox baths? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!