I’m in pain all the time. That’s a consequence of having fibromyalgia. As a result, I have tried more painkillers, pain relief balms/gels/lotions/tinctures, plus detox baths, which I spoke about in my last post. I have quickly become an expert in what works and what doesn’t.

Today I’m going to review Bionica, a pain relieving gel. It’s homeopathic, with no capsacin or menthol. The first ingredient is arnica, and many of the others have been officially monogrammed by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. In actually understandable terms, that means those ingredients stimulate the individual’s body to correct imbalances, eliminate waste and maintain equilibrium without the use of large amounts of chemicals.

Bionica Pain Relieving Gel, 3 Ounce

Image courtesy of Amazon

Bionica is a clear gel which dries quickly and has a light scent of essential oils. It lasts about four to six hours and then will need another application. Compared to other similar products, the odor is less and the effectiveness is about the same. As far as cost goes, Bionica falls around the middle of the spectrum, though the size is somewhat small for the price at three ounces. You can find Bionica here on Amazon if you’d like to try it. If you do, definitely let me know in the comments!