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When I found out The Honest Company was going to do this promotion, I was excited. I always seem to have a list of natural products that I need but don’t make myself for one reason or another. Mostly I wait for sales, since I’m as frugal as the next blogger.

The basic info is this: In honor of Earth Day, Honest is having a Buy More, Save More event! Your readers will be able to enjoy up to $40 off plus FREE shipping on qualifying orders between 4/19 and 4/24!

❀ Spend $50, get $20 off with the code EARTH20

❀ Spend $75, get $30 off with the code EARTH30

❀ Spend $100+, get $40 off with the code EARTH40

There are a couple of items I really like from The Honest Company. I first discovered some of them when I had my child; and others when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and tried to make as many products as possible as chemical-free and organic as possible.

  • It took me forever to find a gummy vitamin my daughter would take. I’ve heard the controversy about whether or not kids should have gummies, but in my opinion, getting any vitamin into my child is a win-win. My daughter liked these, though she eventually decided to go with another brand after being over at her friend’s house for a sleepover. Did I mention those ones are really difficult to find and often out of stock? Yee-haw! Well, these daily kids’ gummy vitamins have been in stock every time I’ve looked for them.
  • I have asthma, and the worst product by far being used in our house was the bathroom cleaner. Hubs does the bathroom, but the window in there doesn’t open, so we have to turn on the fan in the bedroom itself, open the window, and leave the door open. When I decided to go natural, that disgusting product was the first to go. I tried some different brands, and I really The Honest Company’s cleaner. I can actually rest in bed at the same time hubs is cleaning the bathroom a few feet away!
  • I wish I had known about the ability to do this back when I was buying baby items. That’s not a knock on The Honest Company, it’s more that I was working on little sleep and even less patience to go looking for the things I wanted. You can pick any five products for $35.95 a month.
    Even more, you can subscribe so that bundle comes every month. You can also change up what you put in the box each time. Also, you get 25% more off on three extra items in addition to the bundle. I use Amazon for this, because I’ve automated every single thing I can in my house. But had I been aware of the ability to get this stuff delivered automatically, I would have.

Check out this great sale. I’ll be featuring other companies like Thrive Market, etc in the coming weeks.