Simply Canning is an excellent resource for all things preserving, fermenting, and canning. As a chronic illness patient, you might not know eating fermented (pickled) food can actually help your gut and keep your inflammation levels down. While these tomatoes are not strictly considered a fermented food, I wanted to make sure you all knew this important fact.

On to the tomatoes!

I assume you know how to can food, so what I’m going to give you is tips to make your preserved tomatoes better. Also, there are surprising uses for things many will feel are waste. Read on to see how to make your tomatoes really sing!

This is taken from a page on Simply Canning, and it’s great (and labor-saving!) advice:

Squeeze the tomatoes by hand or, as I do it, put them in my blender or Ninja to crush them. I then drain them really well through my strainer, saving the juice and canning the juice separately. I usually get 3 or more quarts juice to 1 quart sauce…adding two tablespoons lemon juice works great per quart. Heat the juice to boiling before canning.

It’s delicious and so good for you. If you like tomato soup, add a bit of salt and finely ground black pepper to the juice and boil it down a bit. I just can it with the same head space and time as tomatoes in a water bath.

I have a huge Pinterest board for Canning/Preserving/Freezing, and there are lots of Pins related to canning tomatoes, since they’re probably the most popular item to can. Take a peek at the board. I’ll pull out some info and tips for you, though.

Dehydrated Tomato Powder: this one is vegan and gluten-free, for all of you out there with special diets.

How to Make Sundried Tomatoes: this is a YouTube video, but it’s well worth the couple of minutes to watch it.

Chow Chow Relish Recipe: No, this isn’t for your beloved pooches. Green garden tomatoes are the base for this spicy relish, and it goes great with chicken!

Garlic Basil Pasta Sauce: This sauce, besides being great to can, it also lends itself to freezing.

Homemade Canned V-8 Juice: The juice will separate once it settles, but that’s fine. Don’t let it scare you!

Easy Roasted Tomato Sauce: This one doesn’t look like a canning/preserving recipe at first, but be patient. It’s worth the wait.

Green Tomato Salsa Verde: Have a bunch of green tomatoes? Make this yummy green tomato salsa verde! This recipe includes instructions on canning too!

Dried Tomatoes: You’re dehydrating your tomatoes all wrong — Here’s how to optimize your flavor with three bonus soup recipes.

Step-by-step Canned Diced Tomatoes: This easy step-by-step photo tutorial will have you saving money and canning your own diced tomatoes in no time! Who knew it could be so simple?

Five Ways to Can Small Tomatoes: I froze enough to fill two small cookie sheets. This is the easiest method I know. There’s no prep, you just fill the sheet, pop them into the freezer and leave until solid. Once they turn into tomato marbles, funnel them into jars or zip-top bags and return them to the freezer. You can also dehydrate or roast these delicious little treats!

Roasted Tomato Sauce: Can you believe you can pump out this sauce in an hour?

Six Tips for Drying Tomatoes: Who can’t use more ideas to make sure we don’t waste our bountiful harvest?

Simple Pizza Sauce: Forty-five minutes for enough for two pizzas? I don’t know about you, but I’d double this recipe so next time I could just pour it on my favorite dough, garlic naan, and be off to the races. Did I mention this recipe is freezer friendly, just in case you want to go nuts and quadruple the ingredients.

How to Freeze Ripe Tomatoes: Easy freezing excess ripe tomatoes. I did not know you could do this – this is a huge help! Optional- blanch to remove peels before freezing.

Do you have other tips or recipes? Bring ’em on!


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