Water bottles with little slitted areas in the middle of them for fruit or whatever other flavor you want to add to your water are becoming very popular. I’ve found some good ones, like those I describe below, and I’ve found some bad ones. The most common defect is the bottle leaks. Having little wet dots all over your clothes makes you look like kind of a slob, right?

H2go infuser: This comes in different colors and only weighs a half-pound (empty, of course). I believe the size is 24 oz but I couldn’t find confirmation in the product information.


ChilAqua Infuser: This also comes in more than color and is 25 oz. It weighs .5 oz. This company has a number of special promotions going on right now.

KitMo Sports Infuser: This product has different colors available, and unlike the others, has a clip for a carabiner. It’s 24 oz. and weighs 8.8 oz, significantly more than those above, unless I read the stat incorrectly.

Sharpo Infuser Bottle: The largest at 32 oz, this product also comes in different colors. It weighs .5 oz, which really makes me wonder why the other product was being reported as so heavy in comparison.


These are only four of dozens on the market. My best advice is to read the reviews and make a decision based on those and your available funds, given that you’ll probably need more than one.

Do you have another infuser bottle that you love? Tell me in the comments.


This is a leading natural supplier of fitness products. I’ve used many of their products, including some really great water bottles.