My neck has been sore for the past couple of days, leading to a migraine, which has also laid me low. I’ve been using some of these rubs, trying to get rid of the soreness and thus the migraine. Deep Blue is working the best, but in the past, others have given me more results. Why one works better than another at different times is a mystery, so I thought I’d do a group review. If you know of any product that works well for you, let me know in the comments. I apologize for not posting on Sunday, but the migraine made it impossible to be on the computer.

Deep Blue – this is made by DoTerra, one of the leading essential oils companies. For now, it can be found on Amazon, but I’ve heard they’re going to stop selling through Amazon soon, so you may have to go direct to their website, There’s also a Deep Blue Essential Oil. That can be diffused or applied directly, but read the directions first. For topical use, it may require a “carrier oil“, like fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil, etc to make it easier on your skin and help with absorption.


Biofreeze – made by Biofreeze, a well-known pain relief manufacturer. It comes in several forms, but I like the roll-on since you can easily apply it to exactly where your pain is. You might need help if the pain is on your back, in which case the spray or another method might work better for you.

Two Old Goats – made by Two Old Goats, this is another pain reliever with essential oils like Deep Blue. This particular one is the gel version, but there are others if you prefer another application method. In my experience, any balm, salve, etc that combines the pain relief qualities with essential oils smells better, which might be a consideration for you if you plan to wear any of these products out of the house.

Sombra – made by Sombra, this is another pain relief product that comes in several forms. I’d liken this to Deep Blue or Biofreeze as far as how it feels and its reputation within the massage therapy/chiropractic/physical therapist communities.

Leg Cramps Ointment – made by Hyland, this is, as the name implies, a formulation specifically made for leg cramps in ointment form. It works pretty well. Use it in combination with stretching, etc for a better chance of relief.arnicare-gel-5thpanel-left-800

Arnicare Gel – made by Arnicare, is one of many arnica products on the market. Arnica has been used for centuries for sore muscle relief. This and a prescription form are the only two I’ve personally tested, but I liked the gel form of the product. A gel generally clings better to the skin and tends to be less greasy than other forms of a product.


Any product that will get rid of a multi-day migraine is a friend of mine. I have built up quite a collection over the past several months!