Pressure points suck. We all know this, whether we have chronic pain or not. So when you sleep eight hours (I’ll pause while you crack up about getting eight hours of sleep), you wake up with pain in your shoulders, neck, hips, etc. Well, at least if you have a spring mattress, like about 95% of us do. If you do happen to suffer from chronic pain, this can be excruciating. And it happens every day.

There aren’t many ways to avoid this kind of pain. One of them is by getting yourself a new bed. Others are more complicated, like recurring massages. I researched many different brands before choosing Tempurpedic.

This was a purchase my husband and I didn’t take lightly. Ours have no springs and are individual beds, so each of us can make adjustments as needed. Both the head and the foot can be raised or lowered at will. These beds are not cheap, and we’re on a payment plan, which equals about the same amount of money as we’re spending on our daughter’s private school elementary education. Every dollar is worth it, though. Not waking up with pressure point pain every day would be enough, but I have to admit I enjoy the whole raising/lowering the head and foot functions.


This is the bed we got! We looked at several stores, but actually ended up buying it at Sears.

Do you have one of these beds? What do you think of it? Tell me in the comments!


Definitely check out these home security kits. Being able to check my house through my phone is really, really reassuring.