One of the most important things about eating Paleo, in my opinion, is making sure everything you eat tastes good. Paleo doesn’t have to be a restrictive diet; how well you do on it depends on what you make of it. How much effort are you willing to take? How much money are you willing to spend – like paying more for organic produce?

There are few restrictions in the Paleo diet that concern herbs and spices. I use them liberally in pretty much everything I cook. I came across this set of spices one day while trolling on the internet looking for information about the Paleo diet, and snapped it up. I love spice blends. So easy and convenient!

Here’s some information about this particular set of spices:

  1. Neander thALL-purpose aromatic blend to enhance the flavor of all types of protein.
  2. Cro-Magnon Amore, a classic Mediterranean blend of herbs, spices and citrus, suitable for all types of protein, vegetables and sauces.
  3. Lemon Pepper will add spicy citrus zip to any protein and veggies.
  4. Black Fire Spice adds a little fire to all of your recipes!

All the spices are specially designed for the Paleo diet. They are MSG-free, naturally gluten-free, sugar & sweetener free, non-GMO, and containing nothing artificial, no fillers, no flavorings added, no pesticides, non-irradiated.

If you find this set of spices are not to your taste, there are others made specifically for the Paleo diet, including this one, another set of four blends, or this one, which I personally feel is overdoing things a bit, but everyone has different tastes.

Have you ever tried any of these sets of spices? What do you use them on? Tell me in the comments!


There’s a huge Crocs sale going on! My daughter wears hers all the time and I love that they can go from in the pool etc to dinner. Most kids aren’t crazy about changing their clothes (or shoes) just to move from one environment from the next. 😉