Why is a website devoted to chronic illness reviewing a bunch of markers? For an excellent reason. One of the activities someone with a chronic illness can almost always do, no matter how bad we feel is coloring. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and with good reason. They’re fun!

I have about a dozen different coloring books. I like variety. I also have metallic markers, glitter gel pens, metallic colored pencils, and regular colored pencils. As I said, I enjoy having choices. But today I’m talking specifically about Crayola Super Tip Washable Markers.


i like these markers because they help you work fast. At times, taking two or three days on a picture is fine, but a feeling of accomplishment is nice when you’re laid up and can’t take part in your everyday activities. During those days you want to be able to finish a picture in one sitting. Also, some designs don’t lend themselves well to colored pencils or gel pens.

I first bought a set of 24 and more recently got a big box of markers; 80 different colors if I remember correctly. My one complaint is some of the colors look quite similar, and some don’t go on the page looking at all like the color on the cap. Once you get used to which markers create which colors it’s quite easy to use them, though.

As far as good points, the markers come in a lot of colors. The tips are pretty small, which is nice when you’re working on one of those complicated adult coloring book designs. The colors are vibrant, which makes for some beautiful finished pictures. Lastly, even the more recent order of the larger set of 80 markers is pretty reasonably priced. I bought mine from Amazon for $13. For 80 markers, that’s a good deal.

I’m happy to review different coloring books, my colored pencils, my other markers, and/or my gel pens. I go through these books quickly, which in turn means I go through the coloring materials quite speedily. I’m off to color right now, in fact.

Do you use adult coloring books? What medium do you prefer to complete your designs with? Tell me in the comments!