These healthy hummus wraps are vegan, low fat, and gluten free. I naturally gravitate towards all things green, so using collard greens as the wrap is one of my favorite food hijacks. The wraps are super healthy they’re green (duh), and they are a great way to add more veggies to my day. Collard greens are packed with fiber, and are pretty filling on their own.

This wrap is packed with protein and really good quality carbs in the form of quinoa, hummus, and lentils. There are healthy fats from the avocado and added crunch from bell pepper. I had some extra beets left over, and really beets are good with everything, so I added those on top  as well! This is really the culmination of all my favorite veggies on a wrap.

Using collards as a wrap is pretty simple. You will notice that the leaves have a huge stem down the center, which can easily be remove with a paring knife. I like the stack a smaller leaf and I bigger leaf on top of each other, using the smaller leaf cover that opening of the bigger leaf once the stem is removed. I use a little bit of hummus to keep everything stuck together.


  • 2 collard green leaves (1 big and 1 small), large part of stem removed
  • 2 tbs. hummus
  • 2 tbs. cooked quinoa
  • 5-6 slices cucumber
  • ¼ avocado, sliced
  • 4-5 slices bell pepper
  • 1 small beet, sliced thin



Use the hummus as the glue! Add a little bit of hummus on the back of the small leaf, and it will hold it in place when you are wrapping everything up. Remove the large part of the stem running through the leaves.

Now add more hummus to the center of the wrap, then add the things that will likely crumble away like the quinoa and lentils on this wrap. Then add the rest of the ingredients on top of the lentils and quinoa and you are ready to roll… no really just roll it up.

Fold in the sides first and then take the bottom of the wrapper up to the top keeping the sides pulled in and then pull the top of the wrap back towards the center, trying to make the filling as tight as you can. Once you feel like the feeling is as tight as possible, continue to roll it up. I like to cheat a little bit and use toothpicks to keep everything in its place and I encourage you to do the same. Just don’t forget to tell your guests about them it’s not the best way to start a meal.

*** Recipe courtesy of Pancake Warriors.