Doctor’s Best D-Ribose

I add a ridiculous amount of supplements to my smoothies, but one of my favorites is Doctor’s Best D-Ribose. Here’s a pic of the container:



A one-time purchase of this product is $24.49. I do Subscribe and Save for a lot of the products I use on a regular basis, and pay a little over $20. One container lasts me for about 2-3 months. I put two scoops in my smoothies, though the serving size is one scoop. I did research and determined it wouldn’t hurt me to increase the dosage.

About the Product (info from Amazon)
  • Best D-Ribose featuring BioEnergy Ribose supports energy production in the heart and muscles and promotes muscle recovery following exercise
  • Features BioEnergy Ribose, proven to restore and sustain energy
  • D-ribose forms the structural core of ATP; ATP is the energy source for our muscles during physical activity and the primary source of energy for our heart
  • Best D-Ribose featuring BioEnergy Ribose is available in powder, capsule and chewable wafer
  • Vegan

I use the powder. I have enough pills in my life and don’t need more. Even veggie caps and chewable wafers can be too much.

Through all the information I’ve gathered over the last year plus, I’ve learned that ATP is crucial to those with fibromyalgia. Basically, ATP is how the body creates and stores energy. I could try to explain it further, but Google does a much better job.

Research has shown that people with fibromyalgia may be deficient in certain of the compounds which are necessary for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the component which is believed to provide 90-95% of all cellular energy and has been found to act as a neurotransmitter outside of the cells. If the body is unable to synthesize ATP, which is manufactured by mitochondria -the powerhouses of the body – then there is unavoidable death to cells, a severe lack of energy, muscle weakness and pain (as in fibromyalgia) among other symptoms.


So when you’re looking for things to improve your energy levels, no matter what autoimmune disease or other malady that affects you, try D-Ribose.