DISEASE MANAGEMENT: Chronic Illness Gift Guide, part 4

I’ve been writing some posts over the past week about things you can give to your loved one battling chronic illness. One post would be quite long, which is why I’m splitting it up. Here’s part 1. And part 2. And part 3. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll research the idea.

These are products and services that relate directly to helping manage chronic pain and illness. They have been hand-picked with exactly that in mind.

  1. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player: $95.99 Like some of the other suggestions in this gift guide, this product is mainly for pain distraction. That Netflix gift card will be a lot easier to use with a Roku. 😉 Roku has tons of other streaming channels available, too. People with chronic pain sometimes can’t do more than lie in bed, so having an outlet for distraction is a great thing. And we spend so much money on meds, etc that not having to buy something expensive like a Roku would lift a weight.
  2. Compression socks: $18.99 These aren’t the same socks I own, but I wish I’d gotten these rather than the ones I purchased. Mine are pretty obviously compression socks, while these are just cool-looking socks. They are highly rated by users, and considering you get your choice of 16 different patterns, this seems like a great product for anyone looking for better circulation, which is a common problem amongst chronic pain and illness sufferers.
  3. Body pillow: $49.99 Chronic pain sufferers need sleep more than almost anyone else, and yet the aches and stiffness we deal with every day make solid sleep more difficult. We try everything we can think of to improve the quantity and quality of our sleep, and a body pillow is a pretty popular item for us to own. However, many of us can’t afford a really good pillow like this one. I think we’d all enjoy receiving one of these as a gift.
  4. Titanium Stainless Steel Heart Magnetic Therapy Bracelet: $16.95 I looked around for a long time before choosing this bracelet. Various benefits of wearing these bracelets include renewal of balance and strength, reduction of fatigue and muscle tension, increased flexibility, improved blood circulation, enhanced metabolism and detox of your body. These claims are mostly unsubstantiated, and many don’t believe they do anything, but this bracelet is so pretty that even if it doesn’t work, it’s a nice piece of jewelry.
  5. Kindle Fire HD 8″ tablet: $104.99 Many of us have some sort of ereader or tablet, but they don’t last forever. Especially with heavy use, like using the internet etc in addition to reading, these are prone to failure. Unfortunately, oftentimes when that happens we can’t afford to replace the item. If you know someone with chronic pain who is in this situation, buying them the replacement would make you very popular.

Go here for part 1 of the guide, and here for part 2. Check here for part 3. Stay tuned for the next installment! Let me know if you have any suggestions for additions!