PRODUCT REVIEW: Sambucol Natural Cold Remedy


This is Sambucol, a natural remedy comprised primarily of elderberries. These are small tablets that dissolve pretty quickly on your tongue. They taste fine and not like medicine or the dreaded NY-Quil “shot”, as I refer to it. Why not just start downing tequila? And all those chemicals? Yuck! Sambucol is made out of natural ingredients, which, as you know if you read this blog, I’m all about.

The two-pack contains 60 tablets, and you should start them as soon as you start to feel cold or flu symptoms. Then, every three hours, continue to use them until the sickness goes away.

They recommend you continue to take them for 48 hours after the illness subsides, and I’ll leave it to you about whether or not you want to do that, but it certainly can’t hurt!

There are 18 reviews of this product on Amazon, and all are five-star. Now, you might be saying – “These must be shill reviews!” If you read them, though many gush about the product, they sound genuine. Again, I’ll let you decide. I can only tell you about my experience.

I don’t always remember to take these right away, but I firmly believe they do help. And other than while I’m sleeping, I do try to stick to the recommended every three hour dosage. My cold symptoms aren’t as bad – I’m sick right now and using this product, which is why I decided to do the review. I have asthma, on top of fibromyalgia, so a cold is a BIG DEAL. I do whatever I can to get over it as quickly as possible.

If you try this product let me know!