MY LIFE: The concept of mindfulness & why it annoys me


I think we all have days where this is the primary expression we wear. Then we see something like this:



Now let’s think about what happens when you take this advice…

  1. You turn your focus to what’s going on at that moment.
  2. The pain, the fatigue, the stigma, etc are your current reality.
  3. Unless you stop being mindful, you’re now trapped in a not-so-fun situation that you spend a lot of time trying to overcome.
  4. Vicious circle.

You might disagree with me. Maybe mindfulness works for you. But I think by and large that anyone who lives with chronic pain and illness as a major part of their daily life does not want to be mindful, because then they feel everything.

I’m not saying to never be mindful. There are times when it’s great, like when you’re having fun or if you’re having a good day. But if you’re having a crummy day, deal with it as best you can. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to cope.