One of the most common things associated with many chronic illnesses is a magnesium deficiency. And what’s one of the most common effects of having a magnesium deficiency? Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS. We chronic illness warriors just can’t win, can we?

I’m here to tell you, we can win. But how?


1. Exercise

Exercise increases dopamine in the body. The more appropriately balanced your dopamine levels are the better you can manage RLS. You can go hiking, take long walks, go swimming, go biking, or do any other exercise that really gets your legs pumping.

2. Diet

Eating a diet high in processed foods and sugar can severely overburden your liver. The excess toxins from such a diet can allow excess estrogen and other hormones to recirculate into the blood stream. Excess estrogen depletes magnesium.

3. Up Your Magnesium

This one is so easy to do and I bet it will make a HUGE difference in just a few days. Here are some of my favorite ways to make sure I get enough magnesium.

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The magnesium oils work especially well when sprayed on the bottoms of the feet before bedtime. Never underestimate the power of magnesium! Try this remedy if nothing else.

4. Up Your B-Vitamins

High quality B-vitamin will never go amiss in this day and age. Even people who eat meat can get deficiencies in B-vitamins especially B12. Check out my favorite products below.

Natrol Vitamin B12 Fast Dissolve Nutritional Supplements, Strawberry, 5000 mcg, 100 Count

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5. Up Your Iron

I’m not so much a fan of taking straight iron due to its tendency to cause constipation. I am however a huge fan of food based iron sources.

Foods rich in iron include:

  • Red meat, pork and poultry
  • Seafood
  • Beans
  • Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach
  • Dried fruit, such as raisins and apricots
  • Iron-fortified cereals, breads and pastas
  • Peas

Your body absorbs more iron from meat than it does from other sources. If you choose to not eat meat, you may need to increase your intake of iron-rich, plant-based foods to absorb the same amount of iron as does someone who eats meat.

Choose foods containing vitamin C to enhance iron absorption

You can enhance your body’s absorption of iron by drinking citrus juice or eating other foods rich in vitamin C at the same time that you eat high-iron foods. Vitamin C in citrus juices, like orange juice, helps your body to better absorb dietary iron.

Vitamin C is also found in:

  • Broccoli
  • Grapefruit
  • Kiwi
  • Leafy greens
  • Melons
  • Oranges
  • Peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Tangerines

6. Take Relaxing Herbs

Believe it or not taking strong sleep inducing herbs like valerian can actually increase RLS symptoms. However, there are a few herbs that are well suited to relieving RLS symptoms like:

Chamomile (can be in essential oil or tea form)

St John’s Wort (check if this is safe if you take an antidepressant)



I hope some of you try these remedies if you’re having trouble sleeping due to RLS. Please do let me know how your results turn out!