RECIPES: Fibro-friendly snacks (other chronic illness warriors will love these too!)

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, used with permission, photo by swong

It’s sometimes hard to find Paleo-compliant snacks, and yet we’re told we should eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than three bigger meals. What’s a chronic illness warrior to do? I’ve got some ideas!

Mixed Nuts + Salami

A winning combination. Really good for the afternoon slump when you need a bit of protein to power through. You have to make sure you find compliant salami.

Banana Apple Almond Butter Bowl

This is one of my favorite combinations right now. It’s now become one of my go-to breakfasts. I cut up bananas and apples and drizzle almond butter on top.

Apples + Cinnamon

Another winning combo if your sweet tooth is ACTIVATED. The cinnamon brings the sweetness out in the apple.

Prosciutto + Fruit

Nuff said. I like prosciutto with apples more than cantaloupe. Sometimes I mix a bite with dried apricots and almonds.

Carrots + Almond Butter

For a zing, you can add cayenne if you want. Sounds weird but it’s actually good.

DIY Trail mix

We now keep a giant jar of trail mix on the container. It’s a a great way for me to grab a quick snack on the go.  I have a handful of trail mix and a banana for breakfast when I’m too busy to sit down.

Hardboiled Eggs + Bacon Bits

I totally forgot about hard-boiled eggs this round of Whole30. Next time I am going to add more to salads. Especially with bacon bits.

Dried Fruit

I love the dried peaches & apples at Trader Joe’s. I love to end a meal with a few pieces. It’s like having a fruit roll-up.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

For Whole 30/Paleo, sweet potatoes are preferred rather than traditional white potatoes to create a crispy, tasty fry that is much healthier than the traditional version.

Kale Chips

Here’s a snack that’s yummy, skinny and ultra healthy. You can either make your own or buy them – just be sure to check the label first to be sure it’s compliant.