GO NATURAL: Top 5 natural gargle recipes & tips for a sore throat

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, used with permission from Viitor Technologies


When you battle a chronic illness every day, things like sore throats can be one of those “piling on” health problems. If you’re like me, you try not to add to the medications you’re already taking. Because of this, I use a lot of homeopathic remedies for issues like sore throats. Here are some recipes and tips for dealing with a sore throat. One caveat – you may have to gargle several times a day. Don’t get discouraged, just keep doing it.

Salt and turmeric:


Ginger and honey:


Honey and apple cider vinegar:


Clove tea:


Cayenne pepper:

Have you used any of these? Which have you found the most successful? Tell me in the comments!