DISEASE MANAGEMENT: Finding the funny in chronic illness

Who’s with me on this?

Sometimes it seems as if there is absolutely nothing funny about battling a chronic illness. But there is. Really. I actually have an entire Pinterest board devoted to chronic illness humor.

I think it’s important we acknowledge the ridiculousness of our lives. Hopefully then we can cope with all the conflicting feelings we’re bombarded with every day.

Another truth, huh? Who doesn’t overdo it when you’re feeling well? Who’s not trying to compensate for all those days when you can barely get out of bed?

Then there’s the ever-present desire to scream at everyone around you since they don’t understand the living hell you handle day in and day out. How many of us hear about all these so-called miracle cures from (presumably) well-meaning friends and family? How many of us deal with a lot of “get well soon!” wishes? Apparently the word “chronic” isn’t as easy to understand as we think it is…

And sometimes it doesn’t get better…though a venti Frappucino from Starbucks, complete with two or three shots of espresso added do help a little. A very little…

You know, we should all applaud each other more. If you haven’t heard it lately, you are doing a FABULOUS job. You’re still here, and that makes you fabulous.

For those times when you can’t even. I actually have a t-shirt my mom got me that says, “Nope, not today.” I’ve about worn it out.

A sloth on Ambien? Yeah, that sounds about right…How do you describe yourself?

“I’m so tired, my tired is tired.”
“Enough adulting for today. Naptime!”
“My goal in life? To move enough to prove I’m not dead.”
“I know I’m sick since I go to bed around the same time I used to leave the house to party.”
“I have no clue why I’m out of bed. There’s no reason good enough. Screw it.”
“I need to wash my hair, but I’m too tired to style it afterward.”

How many of these have you thought?

And one last thought for today…


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