I use a king-sized (large) Sunbeam heating pad.

This is taken directly from Amazon’s website.

About the Product
  • Integrated microplush cover features two soft fabrics: one side is Microplush for ultimate comfort, other side is SoftTouch for optimal heat.
  • Extra large size pad, measures at 12″ x 24″, is great for many joints and muscle groups.
  • Customize your therapy with 4 personalized heat settings and automatic, 2-hour shut-off.
  • Moist heat option for deep penetrating relief.
  • The entire pad is machine-washable for easy care.


Eighty percent of the customers who rated the product on Amazon (and there are thousands of ratings/reviews, since this is the number one best seller in Heating Pads on the site), gave it a 4 or 5 rating. There are also 84 answered questions, which I like, because pretty much anything I ever wanted to know about the heating pad — and much, much more — is covered.

I’ve been through several of this product over the years and the design has made vast improvements. The iteration I use now is this one, with four settings: warm, low, medium, and high. It also has an auto-off, which is important, especially if you tend to fall asleep (and don’t we all?) with them still on.

Right now (5/1/16), the product is $27.06, which, considering how long they last even with heavy use, is a great deal. I buy a new pad about every two years, and I have one for downstairs in the living room and one for upstairs in bed. I do travel with it, when I remember. When I don’t, I usually have to take a lot more ibuprofen. Any of you with chronic pain know exactly what I mean.

If you know of any better heating pads, please do let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for the best way to mitigate my pain!