NOTE: This recipe is Paleo-compliant and vegetarian.

My husband is always looking for new ways to eat smoked salmon. He’s got genetic high cholesterol, so he eats a pretty healthy diet. Because of my fibromyalgia, I eat Paleo whenever I can, and new recipes are always welcome. So when my husband came upstairs the other night with what looked like pretty fancy appetizers. I raised an eyebrow. I needed to know why these delightful-looking bites had appeared, seemingly at my husband’s hand.

He explained. Apparently he had smoked salmon he needed to use. We always have eggs and avocados, so he stacked them on top of healthy crackers (he’s not Paleo so he can eat whatever crackers he wants) and boom!, a new bite of deliciousness was created.

When I looked up this recipe, I noticed there were several iterations out there. Intrigued, I looked closer. They all looked delicious. So I decided to feature all ten of the recipes, rather than just the one my husband had made.

Yummly is a great website for recipes, reviews, and much more. They are the website that featured these 10 yummy recipes all together, which made me even more enamored of them. Here’s the link: How about some pictures? What can be better to whet the appetite and cause you to drive to the nearest supermarket at breakneck speeds to acquire these ingredients than pictures?



Don’t they look great? They’re even better when someone else makes them for you!

If you’ve got a favorite recipe for this, leave the link in the comments.